Exploring life without Providence

As the Whole World Emerged

As the whole world emerged once
From infinitesimal
Dark singularity,
Growing from nothing to
Spread its great sail
In a flight to infinity;

As the cold, small, hard seed, become
Moistened by Spring,
Warmed by deep, penetrating Sun
Unfolds, emerging to
Oh! this great sky
Giving wing to its seeds and dreams,

So from imprisonment
Bound by his faith
In the strictures of other men
Stirred by the call of
A warm invitation
To rise, and to dance again,

He wakes in his body
And climbs to the peak
Of a great, ancient structure
To launch with new limbs
Over warm fertile vineyards
The flight of his wakened soul.

In silence he yearns for
The soul mate who only
In all of the world
Might know what has come to be
Living and growing so
Deep in his bosom.

Life has now grown
To be so deeply rooted,
Relentless, tenacious
He knows he will never
Return to the hard lifeless
Kernel he once was;

No, he’ll expand and,
Embracing the world
Now advancing to greet him,
Give to it everything
All he has gained from
The loved one who summoned him.

–gjt 11/23/2013 ©
Rev 09/27/2014 ©


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